Our Workshops

Come and join our various workshops specifically thought to follow you all along your pregnancy and also after delivery. You can attend alone or with your newborn.

In our purpose of global family care, we also offer parenthood support workshops for young parents, and, talking groups to help the father living this great event in the best manner.

Do not hesitate to contact the person in charge of the workshop of your choice.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning 09:45 > 10:45Postnatal YogaSophie Geldreich
11:00 > 12:00Prenatal YogaSophie Geldreich
Morning 10:30 > 11:30Mindfulness meditationGéraldine Stainier
Afternoon 02:00 > 03:00Parenthood supportÉlise Roegiers Afternoon 01:00 > 02:00Parenthood supportÉlise Roegiers
Evening 07:00 > 08:00Mindfulness meditationGéraldine Stainier Evening 06:00 > 07:00Parenthood supportÉlise Roegiers
08:00 > 09:00Parenthood supportÉlise Roegiers
Evening 06:00 > 07:00Prenatal YogaAnouchka Clerbaux
07:30 > 08:30Prenatal YogaAnouchka Clerbaux